Heart Touching Love with Tears

Heart Touching Love with Tears Message & Images

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Heart Touching Love with Tears Images

Heart Touching Love with Tears Message

  • My world is beautiful because of you and I wish to spend the rest of my life loving you. I’ll love you till eternity!
  • The only love worthy of a name is unconditional.
  • You fill my days with happiness and my world with your love.
  • Sweetheart, you are very very special to me!
  • If loving you is wrong, then I don’t wanna be right; My love for you is strong and brighter than any light; The way we must go is long, but we’ll win every fight!
  • To love you is to receive a glimpse of heaven.
  • You’re my drug; and I am addicted to you.
  • Your love is like a flame that lights up my world! Sweetheart, I want your love to shine in my life forever…
  • Some people look for a perfect person to love. But, they don’t realize that a person becomes perfect when we begin to love them. Thanks for making me lovable, oh dear love of mine!
  • If love were to be taxed, I would be the highest tax payer.
  • Love someone… not because they give you what you need, but because they give you feelings you never thought you needed
  • Every emotion that I feel starts and ends with you, and you’re all that I need for life. I love you, and my love for you is true!
  • When I say I love you, I mean every letter in that sentence; I can’t imagine a life without you, you’re the light that brightens my day, and you’re the hope that I see each day. I love you more than you can imagine!
  • You are my friend, man, lover, inspiration, and everything to me. Your presence in my life is a dream come true. I love you now and always.
  • When I’m with you, I’m not scared of whatever comes my way. All I know is that I love you now and always. Leaving you is not an option because life becomes useless. We are separated.
  •  Nothing is sufficient to keep me loving you because all I ever need is you. With you is heaven and I’m drunk in love with you.
  • When I get up in the morning, I always say my thanksgiving prayers for having you in my life. Your presence means the world to me and more, and I never stop loving you.
  • You made heaven real to me because you brought me out of my sorrowful experiences and showed me love like no other. No matter my plans or dreams, your place is uncontestable.
  • When I’m with you, happiness floods my heart and I become less bothered when I’m troubled. You are a rock to me and that is why I can lean confidently on you. Whenever our eyes meet I’m reminded of love, and I thank God at all times for bringing you my way Hun.
  •  It’s so amazing how my love for you grows by the day and I’m never tired of hearing from you. No distance will be so great to separate us. I love you and cherish you a lot darling.
  •  I have asked God for many things, but of all that I’ve got, you remain the best. You are more than a friend, a lover, a mother. You mean everything to me now and always.
  • What I feel for you fills me so much that I needn’t worry about surviving. You are my oxygen, my life, and my all. I cherish you beyond the stars.
  • Just as the stars remain unapproachable, your space in my heart is so deep. You are in my heart forever.
  • You remain dear to me darling… you are my priority and that is why I’ll never joke with your happiness, your dreams, and your heart. Together forever darling
  • There’s no better way to spend my life if it’s not with you. My love for you will scale through every hurdle; through every problem till what is left is you and me.
  • You’re the best husband, the best father, and the best lover, and I’m glad our children know this too.
  • You’re the best part of me and losing you will mean losing my mind. That is why I pray to God always to keep you and always bring you back to me.
  • I chant your name in my heart always because I don’t trust my mind to retain the memories we share. I am so in love with you on my own.
  • Thank you for making me the 21st century Barbie my Prince.
  • No matter how long we live together, and the number of kids we bear, I just want to let you know that I’ll always love you till death do us part.
  • Whether in the crowd or the thickest forest, I’ll always find you because your heart is with me and you’ve got mine with you.
  • Whenever I say I miss you I mean the time spent without you is like a cold hike on Mount Everest.
  • Even if earth becomes unable to accommodate the love we share, we’ll keep loving in the world beyond
  • Every dose of love you communicate to me says something different. This is why I can’t lose you to anybody or anything. I love you my King
  • I’ve not had regrets since I said YES. Thank you for keeping the marriage vows and loving me in the best of ways
  • Little did I know that I was stepping in joy unending. Saying yes to you has brought every peace of mind.
  • No day passes without the thoughts of you flowing through my mind. I love you as deep as the deepest ocean and I constantly seek that the love we share keeps growing. Amen.
  • At the mention of your name, I feel goosebumps and my heart races. At the scent of your perfume, my breathing becomes fast. I can’t explain these experiences but what I know is that our love is magical.
  • During the day, you are my meditation, and loving you is my project for life. I love you to the moon and back.
  • They say love is blind but I disagree. The love we share has seen your commitment thus far and this is why I keep loving.
  • My portion is with you, you own my heart and mind baby.
  • My life hasn’t meant so much until I met you. Your presence has given my life a new and beautiful meaning
  • As time passes I often wish I could be with you all the time, covered in your embrace.
  • The way you love is magical and it’s my dream come true. Love you sweetheart.
  • Your encouragement has done so much in helping my achievements, and because of you, I’m where I’ve always dreamt to be.

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